Sutro Baths | Danielle + Justin

Danielle and Justin are friends we met while we still lived in Walnut Creek, CA. I worked at an Anthropologie in hopes to bring in some extra clothing spending money during the slow season and maybe make some friends along the way. Well, I met Danielle there and it was such a needed friendship! She brought Parker and myself to a church in the city, included us in backyard BBQs, would get a drink with us, and most importantly, helped us make CA feel like home.

Love you two, happy engagement. 

Russian River CA | Jacqueline + Tim

This is real life. I am posting a full blog. Of a full wedding. On my blog.

Jacqueline and Tim were surrounded by the worlds most loveliest people. Everyone treated us with kindness and respect on their big day. We weren't just the "photographers", we were Chandler + Parker. 

I cried during there ceremony, I cried during their first look, and I definitely cried of laughter during their whole reception because these people were dancing. SO. HARD.



Big Sur CA | Rachel + Nick

This wedding was a special one, held on a private estate with no one else around for miles. Rachel + Nick tied the knot in front of their closest friends and family and it was such a beautiful thing. Family read poems, friends reminisced on stories and times when they all lived in the same state.

People ask me, "why do you love to shoot weddings?", and I simply smile because it is so obvious to me why I love them so much. The relationships I make with the friends I meet. I promise you, it isn't as simple as, I am your photographer + you are my client. It is deeper than that. I want to be your friend and I want you to know that we are going to work so well together as a team to create memories you will never forget.

Rachel + Nick, you two were no exception to this. You two were truly such a pleasure to be around and I continuously caught myself grinning from ear to ear throughout your big day because of how special it truly was.

Thank you for trusting in me, thank you for being more than just clients.

Private Home | Family Session

You know what is sad about the internet? The fact that there are so many horrible and cringe worthy maternity sessions everywhere you look. Ones where men are mimicking a session with their beer gut, ones where women are totally naked doing the most absurd things and gestures that would never be okay to do in "real life".

There are photos out there where the COUPLE is naked with each other, embracing the pregnant belly.......yeahhhh. If you're into that, that is WEIRD, and I am definitely not into that. And I know for a fact so many other people are not okay with that either, which is why I get so many women who tell me, "maternity sessions are so horrible"... "maternity sessions make me cringe"... "I will NEVER do a maternity session"......

This seriously makes me so. so. sad.

I know you all realize that pregnancy is such a miracle and a beautiful thing. But give me a second just to say a few words..
(I mean come on, I keep it short on these blog posts.. I deserve a good little rant!).

Pregnancy makes us women who we ARE. The fact that we are able to create and sustain lives in our own human frame makes us a woman, and embracing our womanhood is so magical and important. We were given this gift to bring life into this world and we should celebrate that daily!

The months will come and go and that beautiful little pregnant belly of yours will be gone before you know it and a rambunctious three year old that you can't even keep up with will replace it. Choose to remember this time in your life. The stillness and the growth. The pain and the joy. The sickness and the hot flashes. Choose to remember all of it because at the end of the day, there is a tiny little human inside of you that can't wait to meet the woman who he/she hears every single day from inside that pregnant belly of yours. That tiny little human someday will look back at these pictures of you in that state and will thank you for the life you have given them. 

Maternity sessions can be a beautiful thing.. if you let them be.

Slide Ranch SF | Sarah + Paul

This is Sarah + Paul. I loved them immediately. From our first email to their wedding day, I felt like we just meshed well together. They laughed at my horrible jokes, enjoyed a good sense of humor, and they were kind and thoughtful. Seriously, I say this every single time, but wow, do I have the most amazing couples. 

I definitely believe in the saying, "you attract what you put out" and boy am I sure glad that I represent who I truly am on this website. My clients always get me. And I always get them. And if I didn't let my true character shine on this website, I know for a fact I wouldn't be booking the FRIENDS/clients I have today.

I love each of you. Every single client I've had. You all are so wonderful and make my job such a blessing to have. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH I COULD CRY.

So with that..... a little sneaky peeky of my dear old friends Sarah + Paul. #stoic 


Dogpatch WineWorks SF | Shara + Noah

I'm all about the sneak peaks lately so get ready for it. We have been so slammed this spring/summer with beautiful couples and beautiful weddings. I am so blessed to be able to call this passion I have my "job". It doesn't even feel fair to me sometimes that I get to have so much fun doing what I love 24/7. Don't get me wrong I've definitely gone through my "fair share" of sh&* jobs, but don't we all? Go after your passion and dreams and let them come to life! 

Ps. Check out this amazing sneak peek of Shara + Noah, who are also the raddest and most down to earth couple EVER.

Sutro Baths | Tracey + Ben

Tracey + Ben are my beautiful LA couple! They made the drive all of the way up to SF to do an engagement session and I am so grateful they did! I love engagement sessions because I get the chance to get to know my couples before their big day, and plus we always have a rad time making horrible jokes together and laughing our heads off. Tracey + Ben were no exception to this! Cannot wait for your wedding in North Hollywood you two! xox

Stockton Wedding | Mandi + Matt

This wedding happened over the week. Yes, like.. this past weekend. I'm so excited about these images and this group of people I got to meet. Such genuine and fun people you guys! It pretty much just shines straight through the pictures. Enjoy a little sneak peek, to hold you over until these bad boys are ready to go! 

Mt Tamalpais Engagement | Sarah + Paul

I'm telling you, I get the best clients in the world. We always connect, always have fun, and always make some seriously good photos together. Sarah + Paul, a perfect example of this. We had so much fun with them at Mt. Tamalpais last night. And clearly I was super excited about ALL of these photos so I couldn't help but post a sneak peek right here on the blog. Feast your eyes on some pure magic hour goodness.

Blushed Bridal Session | Heather

This is beautiful Heather. My Yosemite, December bride. She is a genuine and kind soul and laughs at all of my horrible/not funny jokes. So basically, I love her and I love shooting with her. Here are a few shots from her "bridal session". Don't you just want to wrap yourself up in some delicious lace and a blush veil now. I SURE DO. Can't wait to share her engagement session next!