The images that you see on my page, the ones that you connect with, are the moments that I live for. The ones where I most likely said some very awkward and possibly obtrusive thing and you two are thinking, "Did she? She didn't. WOW she really did" kind of thought. Because lets be honest, this isn't some stiff junior high school photo ordeal I've got going on over here.

This is an adventure where crazy + hilarious things will be said, uncontrollable laughter will occur, feelings will be felt, and enjoyable memories will be made and documented.
This is us living and experiencing life together, not as professional + client, but as friends. And once that happens, that's when the magic unfolds before my camera.

So put away your "I'm awkward in front of a camera" frown and remember that we are ALL awkward in front of a camera (if we are being honest, I'm #1 most awkward). But when you're hanging out with a friend and having a blast, everyone is comfortable and the blue steel* emerges from your face. 

Cheers to awkwardness and fantastic times that welcomes the best photographs and memories ever. I cannot wait to meet you guys and be fabulously awkward together.

blue steel: a look mastered in "Zoolander". Typically used by male models.
babely superheros: the most attractive human beings with glorious super powers in all of the lands.

 A session with me is like hanging out with Dora the Explorer. We will be singing, running around, rhyming words, talking to monkeys and stopping bad guys. Basically I will be documenting you guys being a bunch of babely superheros*. 

Engagement sessions are super fun because you'll get to release those butterflies caged in your stomach about "awkward hands" and "what should I do with my face" questions. You also get to see how I work and get super up close and personal with me and my camera before your big day (which can be a huge relief!). I always highly suggest an engagement session prior to the wedding, especially since it is included in my packaging! 

For your session you are more than welcome to change outfits, bring props, suggest location ideas, and much more. There is no limit on outfit changes and you are most certainly welcome to bring carrot/bay watch/harry potter costumes along as well. Just an idea.