My name is Chandler & I'm the one chasing you with a camera

Yes, Chandler, like from "Friends"

I grew up in Loveland, OH. (loveland is a real city, with a whole lotta love)

My humor is mainly dry and I love a good Dad joke

I personally enjoy having a good time and not taking everything so seriously which is why laundry "day" is actually laundry "week" at our house.. working on it

I love some good essential oils and living a healthy & organic (minus pizza) life

Married to the one and only Parker Williams and we have a sassy and perfect golden retriever, Mila

Facebook actually stresses me out so if you want to see up to date photos check out my blog and instagram

My husband and I call Jacksonville, FL home, but we serve FL + CA as wedding photographers (and we like traveling all over the world too!)

Wedding coverage beginning at $3,500.00